Mission Statement


Scranton Chinese School was founded in 2010, and started its first semester in the fall of 2010 with over 50 students in its five classes. As a nonprofit educational organization, the School provides a unique Chinese language/culture learning opportunity to anyone who voluntarily attends the school. The School aims to promote Chinese language literacy and cultural exchanges and to promote cultural diversity in the greater local community. It does not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, gender, religion, nationality, and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational and admission policies, and the operation and management of its programs.


School Administration and Rules



Principal: Dr. Yibai Li
Vice Principal: Dr. Jinghan Cai 



There are five classes: three beginner classes and two intermediate classes.


Student Rules

  1. School Expectations

    1. Good manners are expected from each and every student.

    2. Follow class rules set by your teacher.

  2. Behaviors NOT Allowed at School

    1. Disrupting class and learning climate.

    2. Disobeying teachers, school officials, and volunteers who are assisting teachers and school officials.

    3. Intimidation, harassment, and physical/verbal abuse to others.

    4. Cheating in homework, quizzes and examinations.

    5. Moving, modifying, or damaging school properties (Vandalism).

    6. Possession/using dangerous articles or toys irrelevant to school programs.

    7. Using other person’s properties without asking.

    8. Running, chasing, climbing, shouting, pushing, and fighting inside of building.

    9. Eating food during class.

    10. Using cell phone and laptop.

  3. Consequences

    1. Each violation to the Forbidden Behaviors may result in a formal warning from the teacher/school. After giving three warnings to an individual student, the school reserves the right to expel the student from the school without refund of tuition.


Parent Rules

  1. All parents/guardians voluntarily send their child(ren) to Scranton Chinese School  and  are willing to waive all liability claims against Scranton Chinese School, and the University of Scranton for any and all injuries you or your child(ren) may incur on school property or at school-sponsored events.

  2. Parents or guardians should accompany their child(ren) to the classroom and sign-in on every school day.  Arrive to school between 1:50-2:00 pm. During drop-off time, parents should share the responsibility and be watchful in hallway for “running” students. Please remind your child(ren) that they should not run in the hallway for their own, and others’ safety.

  3. Parents/guardians should pick up their child(ren) and sign-out promptly@4:00pm. 

  4. Parents/guardians should pay attention to their own good manners at all time while in the school.  The school provides a parent waiting room (to be announced later) for social and other school-organized activities.  Please keep this room in good order and clean.

  5. Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) not to go to the areas other than the classrooms assigned to the Chinese School.  

  6. Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) not to use, move, or modify any classroom items that belong to the University of Scranton.  Parents/guardians are liable for any and all property damages caused by their child(ren).  

  7. Parents/guardians are expected to be on duty at least once, on a rotational basis, for the school. Parents on duty will stay in the hallway to watch students during break time, offer help if little kids need to use restrooms, and also help put classroom equipment in order after class.    Parents/guardians should cooperate with the teacher to fulfill their duty once assigned. 

  8. No parents/guardians should be present in the classrooms except parents who are also registered students. 

  9. Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) to follow all the Student Rules of Scranton Chinese School.  Parents/guardians should cooperate with teachers to address any concerns regarding their child(ren)’s behavior in the Chinese School.  

  10. Parents/guardians are expected to monitor their child(ren)’s study of Chinese language at home.  Parents/guardians should encourage and help their child(ren) to complete homework, test preparations, and other school-related activities.  In case of confusion, parents/guardians should proactively contact a teacher to clarify issues. 

  11. Parents/guardians have the rights to raise concerns or are most welcome to provide suggestions for teaching, school management, and improvement.  We will have a school website, where parents and students can post suggestions under “Concerns & Suggestions” box or send email to us.